Farewell from WholeSoy & Co.

on Friday, 20 March 2015. Posted in Announcements

It is with very heavy hearts that we announce WholeSoy & Co. will be closing all operations this month. WholeSoy was founded in 1999. By 2013 soy yogurt sales were soaring and WholeSoy was the number one brand of soy yogurt on the market! Our unique Non-GMO verified, Organic, Vegan, Gluten-free, non-dairy yogurt had become a staple favorite in households across the country.

Unfortunately, in April of 2013 the contract manufacturer that was helping us make soy yogurt abruptly closed its doors leaving us without a facility to make our products. We were faced with a very difficult decision to either shut down WholeSoy or find a way to continue. We decided to pursue a long held dream and build our own dairy-free yogurt facility. This was an exciting, but incredibly expensive endeavor.

Determined to remain independent and family-owned, our founding partners contributed all available personal funds to build the facility. A year off the shelves, WholeSoy soy yogurts returned to the market, welcomed with open arms by retailers and consumers alike. We quickly became the number one soy yogurt once again!

Despite regaining strong sales, generous assistance from Whole Foods Market Local Producer loan program, and all of our hard work, it has become clear that we cannot support the full cost of the debt as well as the day to day operations of WholeSoy. Unfortunately, we have exhausted all possible sources of additional funding, and can no longer continue to operate.

We are eternally grateful for all of the support, loyalty, encouragement, and love we have received over the last 16 years from our consumers, retailers, distributors, suppliers, and brokers. Special thanks to Oasis Sales and Marketing, to whom we attribute much of the brand's success, for their unwavering support and passion. It has been a wonderful journey.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and farewell!

The WholeSoy & Co. Team

WholeSoy Large 24oz Tubs Return!

on Wednesday, 20 August 2014. Posted in Announcements

Unsweetened Plain, Vanilla and Plain 24oz Tub Flavors are Now Shipping!

24oz-returns-textWe're soy excited to announce that our large 24oz tubs – in Unsweetened Plain, Vanilla and Plain flavors – are now shipping to distributors and have begun making their way to stores across the country (and Canada)! Since we ship from Northern California, the West Coast will see shelves stocked first with the rest of the country to follow in the next week or two.

Continue reading for additional information, where to find the tubs, and how to help get them stocked at your favorite store!

Request WholeSoy at Your Local Store!

on Wednesday, 20 August 2014. Posted in Announcements

Request Your Favorite Flavor Today

Start requesting your favorite 24oz Tub flavor (or individual cups) at your local store today! Requests directed at retail stores straight from their very own customers is one of the most effective ways for a store to carry your preferred product.


We have compiled this helpful Request WholeSoy Guide to help get your favorite flavor (whether tub or cup) into your local store:

  1. Call, or request, in person (most effective), to speak to the "dairy buyer" (sometimes a "grocery buyer") at your local store. A team member can help direct you to the correct person.

    Tip: Use our Store Locator to find a store near you that already carries WholeSoy but please call that store in advance before making a special trip there to confirm whether they do or do not have the flavor you want in stock.
  2. Tell the buyer that you would really like to purchase WholeSoy at their store.
    Optional: Provide the UPC number(s) of the flavor(s) you'd like so they can look-up the item in their ordering system. You can even bring a Request Form (USA) with you to the store (or Canada Request Form).
    Flavor (24 oz Tubs) UPC Numbers (USA only)   
    Unsweetened Plain Soy Yogurt               6 64372 70005 2
    Vanilla Soy Yogurt 6 64372 70002 1
    Plain Soy Yogurt 6 64372 70001 4

    Flavor (6 oz Cups) UPC Numbers (USA only)   
    Apricot Mango Soy Yogurt                      6 64372 60021 5
    Blueberry Soy Yogurt 6 64372 60008 6
    Cherry Soy Yogurt 6 64372 60007 9
    Lemon Soy Yogurt 6 64372 60006 2
    Key Lime Soy Yogurt 6 64372 60009 3
    Mixed Berry Soy Yogurt 6 64372 60022 2
    Peach Soy Yogurt 6 64372 60002 4
    Plain Soy Yogurt 6 64372 60001 7
    Raspberry Soy Yogurt 6 64372 60004 8
    Strawberry Soy Yogurt 6 64372 60003 1
    Vanilla Soy Yogurt 6 64372 60005 5

    flag-canada-250px Canada: UPC codes for WholeSoy in Canada are here!
  3. Important! Follow-up with your local store by contacting them via their website contact form. Chain stores in particular pay close attention to online requests.

  4.  Let us know when you've made a request so we can help follow up from our end too.


Some stores haven't been able to make shelf space for WholeSoy just yet, however, if their distributor orders WholeSoy then the store may be able to accommodate Special Requests (by the case) from their own frequent customers.

One case of 24oz tubs = six tubs
One case of 6oz cups = twelve cups
(single-flavor cases only)

What to do: Speak to the "dairy buyer" of your local store about "special ordering by the case". Provide the name of the product and UPC numbers listed above of your preferred flavor(s) so they can look-up the item in their ordering system for availability. If special ordering does not produce any results, let us know, and also contact the store's corporate office as the customer's voice is often the loudest!

Note: We unfortunately cannot ship product directly to you, our valued consumer. It is not only incredibly costly but potentially unsafe to ship perishable products that must travel under strict temperature controlled and food regulated transportation systems (via distributors). Please continue to use our tips above and let us know when you do request WholeSoy at your local store so we can do our very best to help expand distribution into more retail stores that are accessible to you.

write-congressPlease share the following information with us as it helps a whole lot. Particularly if your favorite store is still on the fence about making space for WholeSoy in the near future:

1. Where do you want to see WholeSoy carried again? Include the name of the store (city & state, if possible), please.
2. Which flavor(s) and size (6oz or 24oz) do you want your local store to carry?
3. Why do you choose WholeSoy as the yogurt for you and/or your family?

Where to Find WholeSoy (re-launch update)

on Thursday, 03 April 2014. Posted in Announcements

WholeSoy Soy Yogurts in (6oz) cup sizes are now available across the country! Updates on where to find WholeSoy! If you still can’t find it - here’s what to do…

We are a few weeks into our re-launch and WholeSoy Soy Yogurts are now available across the country! 
So many stores across the country have welcomed us back with open arms – and that's a direct result of you, our wonderful customers, showing stores how much you want WholeSoy back!

Where can you find WholeSoy?

search-retailersWholeSoy soy yogurts are continuing to make their way onto even more store shelves across the country (and in some cases then flying off the shelf).

Our initial list of retail stores that carry WholeSoy 6oz cups (or will very soon):

Whole Foods Markets (Nationally)
Co-ops (Nationally)
Mother's Market (Southern California)
MOM's Organic Market (MD, PA, VA)
New Seasons Market (OR, WA)
PCC Natural Markets (WA)
Dierbergs Markets (MO)
H-E-B (TX)
Central Market - (TX)
Fairway - (NY, NJ, CT)
Jimbo's (Southern California) - just added!
Sprouts (CA, AZ, CO, NV, NM, OK, TX, UT, KS) - just added!
Bristol Farms (CA) - just added!
Lassen's Natural Foods (CA) - just added!
Lazy Acres (CA) - just added!
Wegmans(MA, MD, NJ, NY, PA, VA) - just added!
Natural Grocers (AZ, CO, ID, KS, MO, MT, NB, NM, OK, OR, TX, UT, WY) - just added!
And many more independent natural food stores!

Continue reading for more information!

WholeSoy Soy Yogurt is making its way to the West Coast, followed by the East Coast

on Wednesday, 12 March 2014. Posted in Announcements

WE'RE SOY EXCITED! Start making space in your fridge for WholeSoy!

Our very first orders of WholeSoy Soy Yogurt cups, now made in our own dairy-free facility, just shipped out to distributors and the trucks have started to make their way to stores across the country (and Canada)!!! Since we ship from Northern California, the West Coast will naturally start to see shelves stocked first in the coming week with the rest of the country to follow in the next week or two.


Thank you all again for standing by us throughout this longer than expected journey to building our own dairy-free facility!

Continue reading for details...

Gearing up for the re-launch!

on Wednesday, 08 January 2014. Posted in Announcements

Update for 2014! Everything is coming together at our new dairy-free yogurt facility and we've been able to test out all of our yogurt making equipment. Stay tuned for our official re-launch announcement!

Happy New Year! We know it's been far too long since WholeSoy disappeared from the shelf but everything is coming together and we can finally say that we've been able to test out all of our yogurt making equipment and we're in the early stages of actually making yogurt! We really hoped this would be the week we could give a firm date for when you can expect to see WholeSoy on shelves, but we are still finalizing the tests before beginning daily production of soy yogurt and building up inventory. Even though we cannot say just yet exactly when shipping will begin, one thing is certain – it will happen! We are working as fast as we can yet also taking special care with every step to ensure the best quality possible. Of course, we will let you know more specific dates when WholeSoy will be back on your local store shelves as soon as we have officially re-launched.

Grateful for your support!

on Wednesday, 27 November 2013. Posted in Announcements

Plus a re-launch update

Thank you all again for hanging in there with us and for enduring the long absence of your favorite non-dairy soy yogurt. Your encouraging comments have really helped us persevere through the challenges of setting up our very own yogurt facility. We're so grateful to have the most patient and supportive customers cheering us on! We're getting so very close to making soy yogurt again, but with an additional delay and the holiday season, we are now estimating making yogurt in December to arrive on store shelves at the very beginning of January. Continue reading for the details...

So close we can almost taste it!

on Tuesday, 12 November 2013. Posted in Announcements

Hang in there with us!

Thanks everyone for hanging in there with us! Apologies for our delayed update – the entire WholeSoy team has been chipping in at our new yogurt facility so we can start making yogurt again. It's all coming together but we are all still waiting on an official re-launch date based on our test runs.

Our plan to return this fall had been going on schedule however, we have run into a two week delay just coordinating schedules for some specialty expert technicians that must calibrate the yogurt equipment. Delays are never fun for anyone but we just cannot take short cuts. Every step must be done right to make the quality WholeSoy yogurt you expect from us.

With this minor delay, the plan is that we'll start making yogurt again the last week of November and starting to ship sometime in December. We're doing everything we can to start making your favorite soy yogurt again as soon as possible!

Continue reading...

Our Very Own Yogurt Facility

on Thursday, 11 July 2013. Posted in Announcements

Returning Fall 2013


Thank you for hanging in there with us, and all your encouraging messages, through this difficult time while we work on getting WholeSoy yogurts back into full production. We have been openly sharing our story with you week by week as it unfolds and we have a whole lot more to share with you that developed over the 4th of July weekend.

For a quick recap: The facility that previously helped us make and package our soy yogurt (called a co-packer in the industry) abruptly closed its doors and stopped making our products giving us only three days' notice. We were fortunate to have been in the process of setting up a new facility, but moving yogurt production is a complicated endeavor that typically takes six months or more to complete. Last month, we were able to get some yogurt made and shipped but clearly not enough. The new co-packer had not lived up to our expectations, or yours, so we extended our timeline.

However, it has become painfully clear, even after all the long hours we put into trying to make it work, that the new co-packer will not be able to meet the high demand for WholeSoy yogurts either. We know, we are thinking the same thing, how on earth is this possible and can we get a break?!

Here's a little more insight:

A tale of yogurty woes...

on Thursday, 20 June 2013. Posted in Announcements

And the courage to continue

WholeSoy is proud to be an independently-owned company, which gives us the ability to openly share our story with you as it unfolds. Well, we are learning the hard way that you can't fast track the move to a new production facility. We feel it is important, after so many unfulfilled promises over these last several weeks, to acknowledge that we were overly optimistic with our timeline and need a little more time to get it right.

For a quick recap: the facility that previously helped us make and package our soy yogurt (called a co-packer in the industry) abruptly closed its doors and stopped making our products giving us only three days' notice. We were incredibly fortunate to have already been in the process of setting up a new facility, but a move like this is a complicated endeavor that typically takes six months or more to complete.

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