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More stores added & maps!



Here are your store locator update from January to April! We not only recently added even more grocery stores that stock WholeSoy yogurts to the list but we recently expanded distribution to Canada! Our Store Locator has a new look with an interactive map too. We are constantly updating the list of all the locations where you can find WholeSoy yogurts to make it easier for you to enjoy.

Keep reading for the list!


We are continuously updating our Store Locator to provide you with the most up-to-date information we have. Below you'll find a list of major US chain stores that have been added to our store locator. We have also added many individual retail locations, all over the country. Here are a few of the major retail chains that recently added WholeSoy to some of their locations.

Alaska: Carrs
California: Albertsons
Delaware: Janssen's Market
Florida: Milam's Market
Illinois: Sunset Foods

Strack & Van Til
Louisiana: Rouses
Brookshire's Grocery
Massachusetts: Shaw's
Missouri: Nature's Own Health Food Market
Mississippi: Corner Market
North Dakota: Hornbacher's
New York: Price Chopper
Ohio: Buehler's Fresh Foods
Pennsylvania: Boyer's Food Markets
Texas: HEB
Utah: Fresh Market
Virginia: Farm Fresh Food
Wisconsin: Sendik's

Marketplace Foods

Can't find your preferred WholeSoy flavor near you? Try bringing a WholeSoy yogurt request form to your favorite US grocery store.

find_nowYou can also visit our store locator page to find a complete list of stores that carry WholeSoy.


Canada Stores

You can currently find WholeSoy in Western Canada at the following retailers: Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic Market and Choices Market. If you'd like to see WholeSoy available at more locations in Canada, bring this request form (pdf) with you to your local store. 

WholeSoy is expected to reach natural food stores in Eastern Canada mid-summer. We'll keep you posted on availability of WholeSoy in Canada here on our blog, facebook and twitter.


Thanks for your requests!

We can't do this without all your help! Your direct requests to grocery stores help tremendously. Seriously! 

Contact us for questions about finding WholeSoy near you.


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Comments (2)

  • Sandra Herron
    Sandra Herron
    26 May 2013 at 01:45 |

    I LOVE WholeSoy Yogurt. (I cannot tolerate foods made with milk). I live in the 92845 area near Sprouts and Von's markets. Too often both stores have sold out and it might be 10 days or so before a new shipment arrives. HELP! p.s. I love cherry the best!

  • Linda Scher-Padilla
    Linda Scher-Padilla
    29 May 2013 at 00:12 |

    Can you send me some from your refrigerator that will last me until you get back in the stores. I am very needy.

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