WholeSoy Soy Yogurt is making its way to the West Coast, followed by the East Coast

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WE'RE SOY EXCITED! Start making space in your fridge for WholeSoy!

Our very first orders of WholeSoy Soy Yogurt cups, now made in our own dairy-free facility, just shipped out to distributors and the trucks have started to make their way to stores across the country (and Canada)!!! Since we ship from Northern California, the West Coast will naturally start to see shelves stocked first in the coming week with the rest of the country to follow in the next week or two.


Thank you all again for standing by us throughout this longer than expected journey to building our own dairy-free facility!


WholeSoy wasn't available for far too long but we're delighted to announce all WholeSoy Soy Yogurt cup flavors are back using the same certifications, attributes and recipe you have come to love from us! Please note that we are making our 6oz cup sizes first with our 24oz sizes, including Unsweetened Plain, to follow soon after – we'll keep you posted on when you can expect 24oz back.


Our own California dairy-free facility is churning out soy yogurt every week to meet the high pent up demand for WholeSoy! We have made a whole lot of soy yogurt, enough to fill all the huge orders we received, but we won't be surprised if the first shipments sell out fast. Don't worry, it won't be too long before the orders, supply, and demand balance out and all will be right in the WholeSoy world once more.

This is just a friendly suggestion for that very first shipment: if you see only a few left on the shelf, perhaps leave some behind for a fellow WholeSoy friend!


We had an amazing show of support this past weekend at Natural Products Expo West from retail stores that are incredibly eager to have us back on their shelves including: Whole Foods Market, Mother's Market, Sprouts, Wegmans, New Seasons, PCC, natural food stores and co-ops throughout the country, and many more. So many stores across the country are welcoming us back with open arms – and that's a direct result of you, our wonderful customers, showing stores how much you want WholeSoy back!

We have let as many stores as possible know it's time to order WholeSoy again but it may take some stores more time to make room on their shelf for us. Note that we don't ship or sell our products directly to stores, everything goes through a distributor, so we won't exactly know when and where WholeSoy soy yogurts will first start to appear on the shelf. We're in this together so please let us know where you do find WholeSoy along the way (to help us keep our store locator updated too)!


wholesoy-facility_ted_300Over the last few months, we transformed our existing soybase facility into a complete non-dairy yogurt facility in California. Our soybase facility has been churning out the first ingredient in every cup of WholeSoy for over 10 years. Now this facility will continue to make soybase (our own thick and creamy recipe) and now soy yogurt, making the whole process more efficient overall.

The only change with WholeSoy is the location where we make our soy yogurts. The formula remains the same for every flavor of soy yogurt flavor as well as the packaging. All the same attributes and certifications apply. The soybeans we use are still certified organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, single-source, U.S. grown and from the same independent farmer that we have worked with since WholeSoy began making soy yogurt back in 1999. We're also still a proudly independently owned and operated company.

Our founder and CEO, Ted Nordquist, is on site at the yogurt facility making sure each batch is up to our high-quality standards. Ted still taste tests every batch to ensure superb flavor.

Learn more about Our Facility and FAQs about the WholeSoy's return. For more information, visit our Products and Allergens pages.


Despite the many obstacles we faced when our previous co-packer unexpectedly closed, and the unexpected bumps along the way while building our own dairy-free yogurt facility, we pushed ahead because of the incredible customer and retail support for WholeSoy.

We truly appreciate all of your continued support and encouragement throughout this incredibly difficult journey!

We never gave up on our loyal customers. Your positive encouragement and support from retailers propelled us forward to make our dream a reality. Thank you!

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write-congressIf you have yet to share the following with us, please feel free to do so now, as the following information helps a whole lot. Particularly if your favorite store is on the fence about making space for WholeSoy again in the near future:

1. Where do you want to see WholeSoy yogurts carried again? Include the name of the store (city & state, if possible), please.

2. Why do you choose WholeSoy as the yogurt for you and/or your family?

Gearing up for the re-launch!

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Update for 2014! Everything is coming together at our new dairy-free yogurt facility and we've been able to test out all of our yogurt making equipment. Stay tuned for our official re-launch announcement!

Happy New Year! We know it's been far too long since WholeSoy disappeared from the shelf but everything is coming together and we can finally say that we've been able to test out all of our yogurt making equipment and we're in the early stages of actually making yogurt! 

We really hoped this would be the week we could give a firm date for when you can expect to see WholeSoy on shelves, but we are still finalizing the tests before beginning daily production of soy yogurt and building up inventory. Even though we cannot say just yet exactly when shipping will begin, one thing is certain – it will happen! We are working as fast as we can yet also taking special care with every step to ensure the best quality possible. Of course, we will let you know more specific dates when WholeSoy will be back on your local store shelves as soon as we have officially re-launched.

Grateful for your support!

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Plus a re-launch update

Thank you all again for hanging in there with us and for enduring the long absence of your favorite non-dairy soy yogurt. Your encouraging comments have really helped us persevere through the challenges of setting up our very own yogurt facility. We're so grateful to have the most patient and supportive customers cheering us on!

We're getting so very close to making soy yogurt again, but with an additional delay and the holiday season, we are now estimating making yogurt in December to arrive on store shelves at the very beginning of January.

Continue reading for the details...


So close we can almost taste it!

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Hang in there with us!

Thanks everyone for hanging in there with us! Apologies for our delayed update – the entire WholeSoy team has been chipping in at our new yogurt facility so we can start making yogurt again. It's all coming together but we are all still waiting on an official re-launch date based on our test runs.

Our plan to return this fall had been going on schedule however, we have run into a two week delay just coordinating schedules for some specialty expert technicians that must calibrate the yogurt equipment. Delays are never fun for anyone but we just cannot take short cuts. Every step must be done right to make the quality WholeSoy yogurt you expect from us.

With this minor delay, the plan is that we'll start making yogurt again the last week of November and starting to ship sometime in December. We're doing everything we can to start making your favorite soy yogurt again as soon as possible!

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On Track to Return this November

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Estimated Shipping

Thank you all again for hanging in there with us! We have made a lot of progress setting up our own (totally dairy-free) yogurt facility and we are getting so very close to making WholeSoy soy yogurt again! We're gearing up to perform test runs (where we test and optimize the new equipment for maximum soy yogurt quality) and as long as all goes as planned, we estimate that we will begin shipping product again, early to mid November.

Continue reading for details . . . 

WholeSoy Now Available in Canada

on Monday, 08 April 2013. Posted in Announcements

WholeSoy & Co. Cultured Soy

Have you heard the news?  We are expanding to Canada!  

WholeSoy & Co. is proud to announce the export of our best selling flavors for distribution in Canada as WholeSoy & Co. Cultured Soy. The Blueberry, Strawberry, and Vanilla flavors will be available in 6-ounce (170 g) individual cups and the Vanilla and Unsweetened Plain flavors will be available in 24-ounce (680 g) containers.

WholeSoy is currently available at the following natural food stores in British Columbia: Whole Foods Market, Choices Market, and Planet Organic Market. We are expecting to reach natural food stores in Eastern Canada by mid-summer.  We'll keep you posted as our products become more available throughout Canada.

To learn more visit:  http://wholesoyco.com/canada

Natural Products Expo West 2013

Written by Yesica on Tuesday, 19 March 2013. Posted in From the Staff

Highlights of the Show


It's always exciting for some of the WholeSoy team to venture away from our base in San Francisco to explore the fast growing world of organic, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free foods! It's also an opportunity to meet many of the people who help bring WholeSoy onto the shelves of your local grocery stores.

Natural Products Expo West is the biggest and most influential yearly trade show for all things Natural and Organic. As you can imagine then, it's important for WholeSoy's team to attend to maintain a strong presence in this (fast) growing industry. 

This year, we made great connections with WholeSoy fans, new potential retailers, existing retailers who want to bring in more flavors, vegan chefs, bloggers, and more...

Back at Kroger & Other Updates!

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From all of us at WholeSoy, Happy New Year! You did it! "Due to overwhelming requests" several Kroger divisions, including QFC, Ralphs, and in addition now also King Soopers in Colorado, are taking WholeSoy back and in even more flavors than before!!!
kroger-update-blogWe are overcome with joy and gratitude because it's you, our loyal customers, who made this happen. As soon as more details come in, we will update you on the locations that will be stocked with WholeSoy again. It will take a few weeks for the yogurts to arrive back on the shelf but we're working on it as fast as we can. Send these stores a thank you note too for listening to your requests!

2012 was an incredible and busy year for us. We hit a significant milestone: the best year in sales ever of our soy yogurt cups! Many thanks to you for helping spread the word!

2013 started with lots of changes in the world of non-dairy yogurt. In the last few months alone, three different companies have stopped making their non-dairy yogurts (WholeSoy is not one of them)! These changes have resulted in confusion and rumors swirling around the marketplace as retailers make adjustments and rearrange their shelves. Our phone lines have been ringing off the hook and we've had lots of questions on our Facebook page so we wanted to clear up any rumors you may have heard...

PCC Natural Markets now carry Unsweetened Plain

on Tuesday, 27 November 2012. Posted in Announcements

Seattle, WA area

pcc_logoHooray! PCC Natural Markets in the Seattle, WA area are now carrying WholeSoy Unsweetened Plain soy yogurt! If you live in the area and have been waiting to sample our Unsweetened Plain now is the time to go check it out.

If by chance you don't see a shelf space for it yet, it wouldn't hurt to kindly ask a team member of the store when they expect it to be available because you can't wait to buy all of it off the shelf! Just kidding, of course, but we wouldn't mind if you did!

Live in another area that still doesn't carry Unsweetened Plain or any other flavor? Try bringing a WholeSoy request form with you to your local store next time and then contact us to let us know where you made a request.

Keep reading for more information on WholeSoy's Unsweetened Plain soy yogurt . . .

Featured Chef: Miyoko Schinner

on Wednesday, 07 November 2012. Posted in Special Features

Artisan Vegan Cheese

Our Featured Vegan Chef series shares the voices and stories behind some of the delicious recipes in the WholeSoy Recipe Collection.

miyoko-schinnerMiyoko Schinner, vegan chef, cookbook author, and television cooking show host, has been promoting delicious, decadent, and healthful plant-based foods for the past thirty years. Her most recent cookbook, Artisan Vegan Cheese, is a top-selling book on Amazon, and has been called "The holy grail of the culinary world." She is a co-host of Vegan Mashup, a new cooking show on public television, and stars in her own whimsical online show, Miyoko's Kitchen. As a cooking instructor, she teaches regularly in the McDougall Program, and at vegfests and events around the country. She is a former restaurateur and food developer, and has had her vegan products distributed nationwide as well as on United Airlines. She has appeared in publications, television, and radio, including VegNews, NPR, ABC World News Tonight, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, Washington Post, New York Post, Eating Well, and many other media outlets.

Continue reading to find out more about Artisan Vegan Cheese, a vegan cheese recipe and how to enter to win a copy of Miyoko's book! 

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