Soy Yogurt

Using only whole, organic soybeans we create an all-natural soybase that is the first ingredient in each cup of WholeSoy & Co. yogurt. We add live cultures and all natural ingredients to create a delicious yogurt with all the health benefits of soy protein and probiotics, but with no dairy, cholesterol or chemical additives.

WholeSoy yogurt is so rich and creamy most people are surprised to find out it's dairy free! Though we all have our favorites, we suggest you try all eleven flavors and decide for yourself.

Featured Vegan Soy Yogurts

  • Peach


    There is nothing like biting into a perfectly ripe peach, but this is pretty close.

  • Mixed Berry

    Mixed Berry

    All your favorite berries combined to create an antioxidant powerhouse.

  • Apricot Mango

    Apricot Mango

    A winning duo that combines the best flavors from the orchards and the tropics.

  • Cherry


    The yummy taste of fresh Bing cherries without the pits.

About the Founder

  • About the Founder module
    Ted Nordquist is the founder and CEO of WholeSoy & Co. Find out how this professor of Asian philosophy became one of the country's greatest soy pioneers.


How Is Vegan Soy Yogurt Made?

  • How It's Made module
    How does an ordinary soybean become an extraordinary cup of soy yogurt? Learn about the process from growing and harvesting soybeans to blending and testing yogurt.


NEW! Our Dairy-Free Facility

  • Facility-module

    We’re soy excited to have our own California-based dairy-free facility now churning out soy yogurt every week! Learn more about our facility.